Boston vs. Dallas [warning: tongue-in-cheek]

Massachusetts Capitol

My bride and I went to Boston!

I celebrated a year of marital bliss last month with my bride. God has blessed me beyond what I deserve, yet God in His graciousness gives me life. And He gives it abundantly!

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we planned a trip. And for a winter celebration we chose a sensible location whose climate would be more agreeable than might be otherwise. So we chose a destination that any Southerner might choose: Boston.

I jest. Our trip was, in fact, a double celebration of matrimony for while in Boston, we celebrated the marriage of my college roommate to a terrific young lady in ceremony and mirth. We are blessed men, my college roommate and I, for marriage is a tremendous gift.

It’s funny how traveling teaches me more about my own home. Here is one thing I learned about Dallas while visiting Boston.

Dallas is bigger (read: better) than Boston. Boston may have historically significant places like the Old North Church, world renowned universities like Harvard and MIT, or even bragging rights to the birthplace of Christian Science, but it has downsides too. It’s small. That’s right Boston is small. According to wikipedia, Boston proper is a mere 90 miles square. Dallas, on the bigger hand, is over 380 miles square! And I learned that with every step I took through Bostonian streets.

To authenticate the genuineness of my Boston experience, I had to forego the rental car, and pick up my metro card (Charlie Cards as they’re known). When in Rome. . . you know. Ironically, I didn’t use mass transit all that much. I found myself walking most places. There are plenty of bus and train stops, don’t get me wrong, and they’re close together (Did I mention Boston’s small?). But the stops are so close together, that I could frequently walk to my destination and arrive before mass transit arrives considering all the time required to find the proper station, wait for the next bus/train, ride, then alight. Frustrating – having to walk everywhere. No wonder Bostonians are so skinny!

What can I learn from this situation? What could God, perhaps, be trying to teach me? Well, given the universally acknowledged truth that bigger is always better (think Christmas presents, automobiles, and houses), I’m not certain. Perhaps He’s warning me not to leave Texas because anywhere else I go will just be smaller, and therefore  not as satisfying.