I am a missionary and writer living in Plano, TX. I am newly married, a Christian, and even more recently a father. I am tremendously blessed by the Father and love life.

I am dedicated to equipping God’s people with confidence in their faith so they can be Christ’s ambassadors. I am a research associate for Probe Ministries International and have a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Rice University. I love John Coltrane and my favorite musical is Wicked.

This blog will focus on stories God’s used to instruct me spiritually.

The blog got it’s name from something I said to my wife the day I proposed to her. I told her that my love for her is so great, that she would never fully know just how much I loved her, even if we married. But, if she’d marry me, I promised to attempt to convey my love to her everyday for the rest of my life, and fail. But that failure would be glorious.

Paul Rutherford

– Paul Rutherford